Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm a blog-slacker

Until I update officially, you should read this article:

"The fact that you can take strands of thread and basically make something out of it, that's awesome I think," he said. "It's pretty cool stuff, man."

Truckers pick up quilting and knitting (WSJ)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Let's talk about socks

My fingers were in a flurry working on my socks.
So much more than before!
 I made a sad realization last night, once I started the leg, that one ball of the particular yarn I purchased equals one sock, not two... whoops. I think they're coming along well though. I worked on them all through Kevin's Fantasy Football draft, and hopefully will finish the first sock by Tuesday. Then I will wait for more yarn...

I need a job. Now. Someone please give me one. NOW. It's 8:10 a.m.; I haven't been asleep since 6 a.m. because I am stressed out about money. This sucks. And it's not for lack of trying, I've applied to a ton of jobs, but I'm sure everyone else has too :( For now, I will knit and stress and continue to work my two lackluster part-time jobs for the next two weeks. Then my contract is up and I will proceed to work my remaining lackluster part-time job. No offense to the library, but I can't be a page forever making just above minimum wage at 20 hours a week. That doesn't pay the bills at all. 

In non-knitting news, some people get on my nerves, and some peole make no sense. Why bother saying you're somoene's friend if you aren't, then be an asshole to them through social media? If you have a problem with someone, either speak to them or just ignore them all together. It makes me glad that Facebook and Myspace weren't around when I was in high school (yeah, I'm that old), because I imagine it would make high school just that much worse--although some people still act like they're in high school, so whatever. And riddle me this--why would you bring your non-football fan girlfriend to a fantasy football draft? I was there because it was at my apartment, I'm not sure why a certain person brough their girlfriend. Unless, of course, she made him bring her.

I was up way too early, my body is going to hate me later. I can already feel a headache coming on.

Friday, August 6, 2010

I'm too socksy

I'm missing my Baby Bird's wedding. Nateasa and Kris are in Iowa all married, and I'm stuck here broke as hell. It's very frustrating, but I will be lucky enough to see the newlyweds when they head to MI in the coming weeks. The pictures on Facebook look awesome; N & K look fantasticly in love and very well dressed to boot. I wish them all the best, and can't wait to see the tons of pictures taken at the reception tonight.

I've decided that I would venture into sock knitting this weekend. Here's the progress so far:
the first 8 rows after cast-on
progress... those needles are so damn tiny
I know I'm immature, but the way that the self-striping yarn worked out, the heel looks like a nipple on a boob. Also, in case you're curious, most socks are knit from the top down to the toe; some patterns are toe-up patterns. This particular pattern I am working is heel-out. I've never seen anything like it, but when I saw it on Knitty, it amazed me.

Well, that's it for now. Maybe TODAY is the day I begin pic-a-day/craft-a-day, now that my internet is more reliable (no thanks to Charter, and MUCH thanks to my dad).