Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Web 2.0 step 13: Online gaming

As part of the CRDL Web 2.0 program, I'm supposed to online game. Done!

The two options I chose were 1. Simple Games and 2. Interactive Activities.

1. Simple Games

I went to Jigzone. I'm not really sure why,  since I'm not a huge fan of jigsaw puzzles. I guess it works if you're into that sort of thing. The fact that you can choose options that aren't only puzzle pieces, but Escher-esque shapes like lizards is pretty interesting... then I realized it's still a jigsaw puzzle. Moving on.
My next move was to Pop Cap Games. I have been a big fan of their games for a while. If you like silly little time wasting games that require some thought (but not too much), I suggest Chuzzle, Zuma, or my favorite Rocket Mania.

2. Interactive Activities
I moved on to Free Rice. I have played Free Rice before, but today was the first time I discovered that you can play with Art, Math, Language, and other options! The vocabulary default is repetitive, so I decided to go with the Basic Math game. This can be changed by clicking "Change Subjects" on the upper right of the game box. I donated over 500 grains of rice today!
Next on the gaming adventure was MindJolt. There are a lot of Bejeweled-type games on this sight, but when you get done weeding through those, there are some gems. My two favorites are Qiller (high score: 20307139 pts) and Crazy Quilt Solitaire (high score: 82250 pts). I just discovered Three Towers Solitaire, which is also fun. I like that it keeps track of my scores and compares them to my friends, and that I can bookmark MindJolt on my Facebook homepage.

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