Friday, June 25, 2010

Web 2.0 step 12: Online mapping!

This step is all about Google Maps, a site I'm very familiar with. I like it a lot more than MapQuest. I took a road trip; Rob suggested I go to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and the Empire State Building--but I decided to go other places. Namely, places around the U.S. and Canada with odd names. Here's where I went:

  1. Start at Veterans Memorial Library
  2. Lickskillet, OH (that sounds dangerous)
  3. Coffeeville, AL (mmm… coffee)
  4. Whynot, NC (because really, why not?)
  5. Happyland, OK (sounds fun!)
  6. Spooky Mountain, Rangely, CO (not nearly as happy as Happyland)
  7. Ten Sleep, WY (but no more than that)
  8. Fargo, ND (like I wouldn’t stop in Fargo)
  9. Flaming, MN (it’s on fire!)
  10. International Falls, MN (this was just so I could get to the next place)
  11. Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha!, Quebec, Canada (hahahahahahaha)
  12. Dickey, ME (yeah, I giggled at this one)
  13. Unicorn, PA (My sorority’s mascot is the unicorn, I feel it’s my duty to stop here)
  14. Dull, OH (the whole state is pretty dull if you ask me)
  15. End at The Bird Bar and Grill (I'm gonna need some delicious pizza after all that driving!)
Here's my map!
I find it funny that when I zoom in on the traffic map of Metro Detroit it's 55 kinds of construction...
... but that's typical for a summer in Detroit. I do like that Google Maps has live traffic updates, although it would be more helpful if I had a SmartPhone to utilize that more while on a trip, instead of when I print the map before I leave for my trip.

Hope everyone at CRDL had a great Google Road Trip!

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