Thursday, June 24, 2010

Web 2.0 step 10: Chat and IM

I am a fan of two chat programs: Google Chat (I guess it's actually called Google Talk, who knew?) and Facebook Chat. I like Google chat more because it doesn't have as much lag, but there aren't as many people on Google Chat. EVERYONE is on Facebook chat though, since nearly everyone is on Facebook.

My Thoughts on Google Talk:

I find it easy to keep up with people on chat programs like Google Talk and Facebook Chat since I grew up using AOL Instant Messenger. I like that Google Talk saves all your chats and you can look at them later--especially useful when I emailed my friend my resume to look over and she gave me advice over Google Talk. Very helpful, and I could update my resume while she was telling me what I should change.

My Thoughts on Facebook Chat:
Facebook already keeps us connected to friends all over the world--so it pretty much made my day when I received a random chat from my friend Josh who lives in Oregon. He asked me the following question:
"Do you ever wonder what would happen if Ke$ha woke up in the morning feeling like Barry Bostwick rather than P Diddy?"
Well, no. I had not thought about that--but now I am! This moment of randomness brought to you by Josh and Facebook Chat.