Monday, May 24, 2010

Oh boy...

It's too hot to function. I want to knit, and I want to not sweat.

There's a fly in my house.

I'm really looking forward to my NC trip to see my grandparents, but I'm betting it's just as hot there. At least they have air and cable cuz they're old.

I finished the green and white baby blanket, that's going to the Sprouls. I'm going to start another one for the Wassoms (since they already had Noah) and work on it while I'm working on the vertical stripe scarf... and other projects since I'll probably get quite a bit done while I'm in NC. There will be pictures.

In other news, I made the first smoothie of the summer. It was especially good because of the frozen blueberries and bananas that were not store-bought.

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  1. i love that word of the day. it's my favorite word of all the days.