Thursday, April 22, 2010

"All Bibles are man-made." --Thomas Alva Edison

Let your brain ponder that one for a while. I know I have. Now add this:

"The Crusades were, 'We kill you in the name of Jesus!' 'Wait, we have Jesus too! He's a prophet in our religion! We kill you in the name of Jesus!' 'Do you...? Well, we kill you for your dark skin, for Jesus was a white man from Oxford!' 'No he wasn't! He was from Judea! Dark skinned man, such as we!' '... Really?... Look, we've come all this way, would you mind awfully if we hacked you to bits? Just for the press back home.'" --Eddie Izzard

I'm not an atheist out of convenience, I was raised Southern Baptist and questioned damn near everything before I realized me and Jesus aren't homeboys. I love zombies as much as the next guy, but zombie savior? I'm not buying it.

The thing about me is, if you DO buy it, I'm cool with you! Heck, let's have a conversation about it! I'm dead serious--I want to know what parts of your religion hold strong with you, and which parts you question and why. I don't want to fight about religion; that's pointless. No one is wrong, and no one is right. I'm not right, and I know that. But no one else is either.

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