Thursday, March 18, 2010

So... I'm sick.

Ben: Feeling better?
Erica: ish? i'm at like 80%
Ben: :(:( Sucks you had to miss st. patricks day. Cause, you know, its not like you wear green and drink beer any day of the week or anything.
Erica: I know! there are 365 days in the year, and I'm usually in pretty good health for at least 350 of them. i wore a green shirt yesterday... when i went to the doctor... :(:(
Ben: lol, that counts!
Erica: the prednisone they put me on makes me absolutely not sleep though :(:(
Ben: so you stayed up curing cancer right? Really put the time to good? Cause that's what I do when I'm sick
Erica: not cancer, AIDS. but still useful
Ben: GOOD for you!! See I'm not sick that much, so cancer's still an issue. But aids is a good one, congrats, did you tell Magic Johnson yet, cause that guys gonna want to know.
Erica: I was going to phone him today, actually

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