Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Look at me!

No really, look. I'm blogging. I'm going to use this as a knitting and movie and stuff blog. My goal is to update three times a week?

Here's where I'll start:

Last night on Tuesday Movie Night (tm) we watched "Death Race 2000". This little gem stars David Carradine and Sly Stalone. And a whole lot of 70's boobs. This is not to be confused with "Death Race", the recent release starring Jason Statham. It was Mike's choice this week, and boy was it something. And by "something", I mean it was the corniest movie ever. Carradine, who plays Frankenstein, has a car decorated like a dinosaur. All the backdrops for this futuristic... thing... reminded me of "The Empire Strikes Back" Cloud City backdrops, but made with crayon. And the score... nevermind. Not even worth it.

It was good for a whole lot of "that's what she said" comments. Other than that, just an all around funny and not-so-good movie that I'm never going to watch again. If you decide to watch "Death Race 2000", I suggest beer. If I took the time to think about it, I'm sure I could turn it into a drinking game.

As for knitting, I frogged (un-stitched) a scrap yarn blanket I was working on, since I didn't have enough yarn to make it look like what I wanted it to. I am seperating the massive construct of double strands into single balls* of yarn so I can make a Log Cabin knit afghan. Like this:

* Let's get this out of the way now: I knit with BALLS of yarn. BALLS is a funny word. *giggle* Get over it.

Alright, peace out girl scouts. I'm gonna close up shop at the office soon.

And as for opinions on the blog, would you (all three of you that might read this) like pictures of progress on my projects? I'm thinking about a flikr account, but is it work the hassle...?


  1. i want to see pictures. but you don't need a flikr account - blogger allows you to upload pics from your computer!

    also, i like the log cabin afghan.

    ALSO, you didn't link the log cabin link so I had to copy and paste, but i forgive you.


  2. will there be pictures of the 70s boobs? jk! i want pictures of the stuff you knit next to me!! YAY!!!

  3. Lindsay,

    Sorry about that... but well worth it, don't you think? I think it will turn out pretty awesome, since I'm using leftover yarn from my grandma's afghan I knit for her two Christmases ago.


    You love my knitty ways.